Oh god. Slate Star Scratchpad blocked me.


That’s what I did.


That’s kinda disappointing, since UBI/BIG’s been a big thing he’s advocated, and because that’s a really serious criticism (especially in response to “Respect”) that most proponents don’t really investigate.

I think he blocks early and often, and that’s not entirely unreasonable as the number of followers scales up while you’re a doctor busy juggling a dozen projects getting #ShotsFired tags, but dunno he’s making the right balancing point.

Need to finish writing up some alternative fixes and analysis myself first, I guess.  Not exactly fair to criticize if I’ve not put any ideas forward.

I think that basic income has some real strengths, and may prove to be a tool of income equality, but when I keep on seeing programmer/STEM and upper class philanthropists pushing UBI as THE solution to disappearing jobs for eg. truck drivers, I am suspicious that the actual goal is to collapse the class structure into a two tier system with them on the top and the lesser beings that are the working and lower middle class in the bottom tier along with the current class of government dependents.

Talk of “the actual goal” being class warfare is going to irritate people. If you see someone donating money to buy malaria nets for Kenyans, and also supporting the idea of a basic income for people in Michigan, is it really fair to say that they are trying to create a disenfranchised underclass to lord it over? I mean if you wanted to do that, then fuck the malaria nets and basic income, let ‘em starve!

Yes, basic income doesn’t solve the problems of people wanting to feel useful to society, wanting respect, and wanting a sense of purpose.

It also doesn’t solve the problem that for many jobs it is cheaper to have one person managing a bunch of robots than it is to hire lots of people who haven’t finished high school.

So you might well say that basic income is a first and very necessary step, but not a complete solution for all of society’s ills, as I’m sure most of its proponents would agree. But attacking people for having ulterior motives for suggesting it seems unfair, really.

Talk shit, get hit.

Like, I wouldn’t block people for that but I wouldn’t feel like a bad person if I decided to do so. My life is too busy[1] to compose a reply to people telling me I’m just cargo-culting my way into being a white savior.

[1] Don’t nobody say nothing

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