What… about Islam, then? Anything new and interesting to report, or is it still the same? (x)

Back at it again with ignoring large parts of the Quran and Hadith to project a candy floss photoshopped version of Islam. Of course tumblr will eat this up since it’s full of clueless westerners terrified to admit Islam is anything but 100% positive. Since their entire moral universe revolves around race.

that awkward moment when all hate towards women, non believers, atheists, homosexuals and the concept of hellfire is well elucidated in the quran..

and then people handpick the flowery and pacifist things in islam. “don’t dwell around these verses, dwell around this one! On one hand our religion is perpetuating hatred and on one hand it’s criticising it! Inconsistency is so beautiful”

Missing moods comment: religious foundational texts contain hateful and violent shit. Islam is quite bad in this sense (since it was a political as well as religious movement basically immediately) but not at all unique. Y’all who are all like “why was there an Enlightenment for Jews and Christians and not for Muslims?” should be fucking cheering as hard as fucking possible for people like the woman in the original gifset. The only way forward from the point of view of people who don’t want violent strains of Islam to flourish (which group you are at least pretending to be part of) is for many muslims to convince themselves that Islam preaches nonviolence. The fact that you are unhappy when people handpick the portions of Islam that are nonhateful and nonviolent is ridiculous.

Wanting to reform islam = cool. I dont think it’s the only way forward like you seem to, but an admirable pragmatic goal. Sure. Also violence is not the only problem I have with islam.

Pretending that the bad bits dont exist and have nothing to do with islam im less ok with. Theres reform judaism but theres also ultra orthodox judaism, do you say the ultra orthodox ones ‘have nothing to do with judaism’?

Also, some of us who used to believe in that stuff based on reading the texts dont always apreciate being told we were lying about our beliefs.

From the outside, it is also very hard to see if she’s ignorant or lying.

I follow an American on twitter who is very anti-muslim (anti lots of things really) and when he hears “religion of peace” from a muslim, 

he doesn’t hear “I am a peaceful person,” he hears “I am lying to you so you won’t notice my violence.”

And when he hears “religion of peace” from a non-muslim, he doesn’t hear “We should accept the refugees because it is not a problem,” he hears “I want to accept the refugees because they’ll vote Democrat so we can win over you Republicans, and if they are violent it’s not my problem in my gated community.”

(Note: None of this is helped when actual Islamic reformers end up on lists purporting to show anti-muslim bigots)

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