these are colorblind glasses. im about to take a walk around the neighborhood and experience colors like normal people. wish me luck, updates to come.

the trees. holy shit the trees. theyre different colors. like, a million different colors

grass….. it looks so soft… so green…

after laying in the grass for about an hour staring at the autumn leaves and laughing at how blue the sky is, i have some insight to share:

why the fuck do you people buy red cars like i had no idea how bright and obnoxious they looked

there are BERRIES on the trees. like bright red. id never noticed them because they blended in. a new problem has arisen now: how the fuck do you people keep yourselves from trying to eat them they’re so tempting looking

the fallen leaves are so beautiful and colorful and you all are heathens for stepping on them just to hear the crunchy sound they make

rainbows. let me tell you about rainbows. i see rainbows as various shades of brown and yellow, plus some blue. vaguely purple.

a few days ago, i saw a rainbow in these glasses. it had just finished raining and then the sun came out, and my friend and i scrambled out the door.

i saw green. red. orange. real, actual violet.

i cried. i cried so hard. i saw every color – something i never thought would happen in my life. imagine living your life without knowing something so beautiful exists, and all of a sudden it appears before your eyes. theres no way to prepare for it. the rainbow only lasted for five minutes before it disappeared, but every with second i stood there i became more amazed at how beautiful this world actually is, i just had no idea.

This is so pure

Too good for this world. Too pure.

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