the libertarian counterargument would be that since people pay money for things they want and that is the entire purpose of money and the entire existence of money, it is nonsensical to claim that people wanting money is the reason work is not being done, because work that needs to be done always represents money that can be made. and that therefore the problem is not “corporations maliciously want money” but either “people are being prevented from doing useful things even though they have reason to do them and people want them done” or “people claim they want certain things but do not actually want them and do not make any attempt to do those things because their claims of wanting them exist exclusively as means of social attack”

This response relies on a just straightforwardly incorrect conflation between wanting, in the psychological sense, and demand, in the economic sense – a conflation I’d hope rational-adjacent types would be immune to.

Well not so much demand-in-the-psychological-sense that these complaining people with no jobs started doing things the things that needed to be done – for free.

The author didn’t want to become a carpenter and help fix the housing crisis, he wanted to be paid to fix the housing crisis.

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