what the fuck

The whole “being a stateless asylee in Russia with the American government wanting you dead” thing aside, Snowden is spending his Christmas cuddled up with his girlfriend eating fried chicken, and, honestly? Goals

I wonder if this was a paid advertisement by KFC. Years ago I heard Snowden was in kinda dire financial straits, but he found a job at a Russian software company. I wouldn’t blame him if out of desperation he does a paid tweet for some company lol.

Honestly, goals. I know I blog about integrity and corporatism and stuff like that but no one pays me to sell out.

I’ll endorse fucking Nestlé for you. I’m a six buck slut.

Feed me the dollers

Dunno why but “Feed me the dollers” is making me laugh so much right now. Merry Christmas you great big weeb 😀

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