Giving the homeless money but allowing them to choose living on the street doesn’t solve the problem. I’d prefer a solution that allows me to go outside at night without fear of being attacked.


“so instead we should give them apartments so they can sublet them for less than we spend on giving them apartments, then live on the street with slightly less money. We have spent $x+y to give a homeless man $x and a richer man a $y subsidy on his rent.”


If only we had some way of rounding up menaces to society and isolating them in a place where they can do less harm.

@metagorgon: subletting would mean they live on the street with more money, not less =_=

I might have phrased it poorly.

They have less money than if the state had given them money instead of an apartment.

If the state gives them $X+Y worth of housing, then they’re not going to be able to sublet it for $


(If I was willing to pay that, I could just rent directly without engaging in complex finances with an alcoholic)

But I might be willing to sub-let for $Y

So the state has spent $X+Y

to give him $X and me $Y worth of housing subsidies.

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