Thoughts on Rogue One (spoilers)



– we’ve been having discourse about how the Rebels are terrorists for a while now, but the first half of the movie really went all out with that theme, from an aesthetic standpoint

– it’s nice that we can have camaraderie between fellow soldiers of the opposite sex without a forced hetero romance for once

– stormtroopers continue to be wildly incompetent

– what’s with the trend of (non-lightsaber) melee weapon masters beating up armored soldiers with blasters? I can understand Rey and the Asian dude having that skill, but it seems way too common to make much sense

– speaking of the Asian dude, could they possibly have made him any more of a racial stereotype?

– a couple of moments of Vader seemed a bit off (since when does he use lame puns like a B-grade villain?) but the ending was classic Vader curbstomping

– why did they only have one copy of the plans? Are they limited in their ability to copy and transmit the data? The Empire clearly knows what it is they have, so there’s no risk in them finding a copy

– for that matter, why was Vader so confident during ANH that he could “recover” the plans in any way that would stop them from being in enemy hands? Even if he found them, how would he be able to have any degree of confidence that he had recovered the only copy?

– wow, they did a really good job finding someone to look and sound exactly like the original Mon Mothma

– but a terrible job on those <ten seconds of Leia CGI

– so did the pilot lose his mind after having his brain probed by the tentacle monster or not? He seemed perfectly fine by the end of the movie

– why was the Rebel Alliance dragging their feet about going to war? I get that they have reason not to trust the intel about the Death Star plans, but isn’t war with the Empire the entire thing that the Alliance is for?

– what took the Empire so long to destroy the communications array? They knew it was being used to transmit the plans

– overall, the best non-OT movie yet IMO

– It seemed to me that there were pretty heavy romantic undertones between Protagonist and Spy Guy at the end.

– I was wondering where Asian Guy misplaced his conical hat. Broad racial stereotypes seem to be a Star Wars tradition, though.

– I don’t think it’s at all clear that the Empire does know what’s in the plans, except insofar as they probably concern the Death Star. They don’t know about the weakness until they figure it out near the end of Episode IV when Tarkin hubristically refuses to “Evacuate? In our moment of triumph?”

– I thought CGI Tarkin was very cheesy, but CGI Leia was good, to the extent that I wondered if they used a lookalike. I definitely didn’t get a good chance to look at her, though.

– I believe the pilot was temporarily damaged but recovered.

– I understood that they were dragging their feet because they supposed that the Empire might now be undefeatable.

RE – Plans: I honestly have no idea how top secret documents are stored, but I’m guessing not “where they’re easy to find if the originals are lost.”

RE – The film: This was not a star wars movie. This was a generic 2000s* action movie set in the star wars universe, and it suffered for it.

*200X, not 201X.

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