Didn’t find Rey’s strength believable? Guess again. There are so many more kick ass videos of Daisy Ridley training too.

My idol.

yeah well I don’t see her using the Force to lift that bar

*mutters jealously*

I’m pretty close to being able to deadlift 176 pounds and I’m fairly unathletic and pretty lazy about weight training (trying to be less lazy though!)

The women’s world record for the deadlift is 683 pounds, for the record.

I’m also not sure how she’s getting 176 pounds on the bar, it’s one pound off from a multiple of 5 and I’ve never seen a half-pound plate. Maybe that’s counting the weight of the spring collars themselves? Or maybe she’s lifting metric plates and 176 pounds is just the nearest full-pound equivalent to whatever weight in kg she’s actually lifting. 

80 kg = 176.37 pounds, so that’s very possible.

You can get 80 kg with a 20 kg bar and 2x(10+20) kg plates – which looks about right for the size of plates she’s pushing.

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