Speculative Paintings of a Graffiti-Covered Earth by Josh Keyes

My personal concern is that this will be a reality some day and speaks to a larger issue of our relationship with the natural world. The satellite and space graffiti hints that even if we colonize other worlds, what mark will we leave? No matter where we go there is evidence of our presence.”

Consider: If we were on Mars and we found a bunch of stuff aliens had built, that would be awesome (ignoring what this means for Great Filter stuff and the like), right? We wouldn’t say “Ugh, look at all these UGLY FOSSILS, bunch of beings wrecking a perfectly good planet”.

Also, Pompeii graffiti was probably far more annoying to Pompeii residents than it is to us.

I mean, keeping things clean and not-vandalized is nice for us, who live in a location, but the idea that we shouldn’t mark up the solar system for the sake of some hypothetical future observers seems ridiculous to me.

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