Americans please explain why your schools are so wild

… so what does a hall pass usually look like, btw? Like, do they all look the same, and there’s just a teacher’s signature on them? Or are teachers expected to provide their own, most just use normal slips of paper? (I’m assuming they’re usually using slips of paper. Right? Riiiight????)

You know those posts about properly establishing the horror of your setting not by emphasizing the weirdness (and today will be the day of human sacrifice, which we all find terrifying) but by casually mentioning it (our substiture teacher, who still has skin, )?

Between “let me just throw my trash into the whirling blades in my sink” and “our ritualistic implement to let us walk the halls without fear is soo strange” the whole ol’ U.S. of A is a horror setting for us.

what are you talking about, “ritualistic implement to let us walk the halls without fear”

are you telling me that outside of the US it is not against the rules to skip class, or that they just consider your word that you are supposed to be here sufficient proof that you are not skipping out on class?

Step 1: Tell, don’t ask, the teacher that you’re going to the toilet

Step 2: Leave

Step 3: If somebody asks you what you’re doing in the hallway during class hours, tell them

Step 4: Go to tumblr in your thirties and learn about the mindblowing borderline psychotic control American schools expose American students to.

Step 5: Think to yourself “ah, that explains it.”

Optional but recommended Step 6: Never take any American seriously ever again.

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