btw what is the Official Counterpoint to Japan not taking immigrants?

is it that their circumstances are different, or that they’re just super racist and not an example to emulate?

Japan is super racist.

I honestly did not think this point was up to any debate at all.

I deal with this problem by not trying to move to Japan, they can be as racist on their own island as they want.

Yeah, but that hits a wall under the modern moral climate, where it’s implicitly argued that foreigners have a right to immigrate to, essentially, anywhere, but particularly to developed nations.  The idea of “the Japanese on their own island” has the audacity to suggest collective ownership of a nation-state for the benefit of an exclusive group – the old Nationalist model.

A model that I actually approve of, minus the racism, but one that now would mark me as right-wing, even though I don’t consider myself right-wing.

Yes, this is my view.

The Japanese don’t have the “right” to “be racist on their own island”, if that means excluding immigrants. All this amounts to is placing the whims of the collective (the alleged ownership of the islands by the Japanese race as a whole) over the rights of the individual: i.e. the right of individual Japanese to invite immigrants to work for them and to sell or rent property to them.

Sorry, there was an unclear implied ending there calling back to the fact that I deal by not moving to Japan:

I did not mean “can be as racist as they want without it being immoral,” I meant “can be as racist as they want without affecting me.”

Obviously it’s just as immoral for them as it is for everybody else. 

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