Shortly before I started dating my girlfriend, I was strongly considering going to a local yaoi convention specifically to hit on girls there.

I figured that at a yaoi convention, there would probably not be very many straight guys, so my chances would be better. Plus, being willing to attend a yaoi convention signals a certain kind of progressive openness to alternative sexualities that hopefully the sort of girls who would attend a yaoi convention would find attractive. And as well, the attendees would probably be kinda horny from spending so much time in an environment celebrating sexy comics, and might be more willing to have sex with me.

Anyway the convention ended up happening after me and my girlfriend got together so I never actually tried this. But I’m curious if any male-presenting people have successfully gone to a yaoi convention and gotten laid there. 

in an alternate universe you’re a gay pornstar who over-committed to your attempt to woo the ladies and was more successful than you expected and welp it’s too late to back out of a promising career now

Well the one nerd con I’ve been to in Idaho had a “Yaoi Chicken” contest during the evening hours (as a scheduled activity!) and the dudes who wound up rolling on the floor were very attractive, if I interpreted the girls’ screaming correctly.  

So I’m going to go with the assumption that every girl in an engineering school has worked under: The odds are good, but the goods are odd.

I’m very disappointed that “yaoi chicken” doesn’t return more results of outrageously flamboyant roosters tbh

Yaoi cocks imo

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