Can we get this show, please?


this is funny but my brain keeps tripping up over “reverse iron fist a chinese girl” maybe that could be rephrased

Concept doesn’t reverse so well – Texan churches are not famous, locally, for their mystical gun skills. Meanwhile, Shaolin temples are in fact famous locally for their mystic martial arts.

There’s a way to make it fit better: “Returns with the mystical art of Spiritual Warfare.”

I mean … considering how many animes there are featuring gun-slinging, demon-hunting priests, there almost certainly is a Japanese show and/or comic with this rough outline out there.

I meant locally to Texas/China

There are many Chinese legends about people who got cool kung fu powers by going to Chinese temples. Iron Fist is just that, but with a white protagonist.

You can tell the Iron Fist story in China and it falls into a recognizable myth structure.

There are not many Texan legends about people who got cool gun powers by going to Texan churches. Reverse Iron Fist would be that, but with a Chinese protagonist.

You could not tell that story in Texas and have it fall into a recognizable myth structure.

That’s not to say it wouldn’t be Cool As Fuck, and I’m sure there probably is a Texas legend about a gunslinger blessed by God, but it doesn’t work the same.

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