Can we get this show, please?


this is funny but my brain keeps tripping up over “reverse iron fist a chinese girl” maybe that could be rephrased

Concept doesn’t reverse so well – Texan churches are not famous, locally, for their mystical gun skills. Meanwhile, Shaolin temples are in fact famous locally for their mystic martial arts.

There’s a way to make it fit better: “Returns with the mystical art of Spiritual Warfare.”

I mean … considering how many animes there are featuring gun-slinging, demon-hunting priests, there almost certainly is a Japanese show and/or comic with this rough outline out there.

I meant locally to Texas/China

There are many Chinese legends about people who got cool kung fu powers by going to Chinese temples. Iron Fist is just that, but with a white protagonist.

You can tell the Iron Fist story in China and it falls into a recognizable myth structure.

There are not many Texan legends about people who got cool gun powers by going to Texan churches. Reverse Iron Fist would be that, but with a Chinese protagonist.

You could not tell that story in Texas and have it fall into a recognizable myth structure.

That’s not to say it wouldn’t be Cool As Fuck, and I’m sure there probably is a Texas legend about a gunslinger blessed by God, but it doesn’t work the same.

But this is a real Western legend those anime are horrible mangling. 

The monster/demon hunter who goes around shooting werewolves in the face with silver bullets is a classic archetype of Western culture. And since most Western monsters are vulnerable to Holy damage, this generally includes acquiring Timeless Christian Wisdom from a local church and/or having a priest sidekick and/or literally being a priest. This goes all the way back to the days when villiagers would drag the priest out of bed at 4am to show him that this body they dug up totally has blood on it’s mouth. It’s traditional.

It’s not specifically Texan per se, but this actually makes it fit Iron Fist better, since Iron Fist trained in a magical Asian city-state that doesn’t appear on any maps. Iron Bullet would logically train in Metropolis or similar.

huh good call

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