Hell on Earth

has this person ever been in a bar before

Julius Evola voice: the problem with restaurants is that people who go to them aren’t upper-class enough

Also: Where does this author live that doesn’t already have these places. I’ve lived in several cities but never one so small that it didn’t have at least:

  1. The place where professional drinkers, ruined by life, get their cheap beer on before noon

  2. The place where teenagers try to get in and the music is at murderous volume but danceable beat.

  3. The place where you pay too much for the drinks but the music is smooth and the clientele cannot even pretend to be teenagers.

Where I currently live has at least three[*] of the last one that I’ve visited this year alone, plus loads of the other two.

Also what do they mean “we need” these bars?

  • Are they going to spend tax money building drinking establishments?

    • Because if so, I have some questions about their “conservative” credentials.
  • Or do they just want them to appear?

    • Because if so, surely the free market will provide the optimal number of each type of bar >:^)

[*] At least three. There are more but I’ve only seen those from the outside so I cannot guarantee.

EDIT: I mean good call on Fitzgerald, “But Not for Me” is a masterwork, but you’d think Black Entertainment would be too degenerate for the type of idiot who’d write the text in the OP.

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