Offered for your perusal (mostly for the bit about arational motives for being rational).

hot take-

Epistemic rationality and instrumental rationality are often anticorrelated because society is constructed in a way unconducive to the neurotypes that tend to be interested in the former, not because they are actually conflicting, so it doesn’t make sense to say choose irrationality. Barring sadistic powers that punish rational thought directly, being epistemically rational is almost always better than not. Point 12 is correct but not in it’s implications.

Epistemic rationality is important for politics, ethics, science, philosophy, etc., which are the sort of concerns the rationalist community was generally founded on. “Instrumental rationality” is good for obtaining power, which is important too, but… see above.

I’d like to add:

Wilkinson: This thing you like that has increased your success both financially as well as socially by hundreds of percent is actually bad.

Me: But what if. What if it’s good though?

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