The “Thin Blue Line” flag is nothing but a fascist flag. It is the flag of a police state. It is a symbol of bootlicker pride. Anyone you see flying that flag is an enemy of the people. 

It’s especially good when it’s on a bumper sticker next to a Gadsden flag, or a rainbow sticker. Who do these people think they are, to have such a confusion in their souls?

I saw one on a truck covered in Grateful Dead, Led Zepplin, and Pink Floyd stickers yesterday. Counting down the days until I find one next to a Black Flag or Dead Kennedys sticker.

Though I’ve gotta say, the middle-aged lady wearing pearls in the mercedes SUV who had four of them on the back of the car and two on the driver side (I didn’t see the passenger side) with no other decoration or adornment for a vehicle that was so new it still had dealer plates is maybe the most disturbing example I’ve personally run across so far.


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