No, but for serious, historically the atheist movement in Europe was a
fashionable movement among the nobility after some monarchs decided the
Church was no longer as politically useful

Like for instance Diderot, that dilettante aristocrat who dabbled in atheism as the vague casual side effect of his trendy anticlericalism. Or La Mettrie, who totally wasn’t a committed materialist from a medical perspective. All the philosophes were insincere intellectual lightweights

I’m not even an eighteenth centuryist or early modernist and I know that this generalization is howling idiocy. Not everybody’s fuckin Voltaire for chrissake

(and obv “the atheist movement in Europe” both predates and continues after the Enlightenment so this is only one way in which OP is wrong)

Turns out I forgot to reblog this one and went straight to the 🅱ank memes.

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