Was at a bar and they were showing Tombstone, and I left right when Curly Bill killed the Marshall and the boys realize they have to take the lead in pacifying the town

Went across the street and the bartender was talking about Butch Cassidy while the jukebox played Pancho & Lefty

I took it as a sign, and I mean that literally. As I get older I’ve got much more spiritual, except I identify the thing I commune with and take prophecy from not as God but America

Which 2 things: first, this is why I take the Mormons and their prophecies seriously, because I suspect they were in contact with the same thing; second the clearest this sense comes through is when I’m alone riding a motorcycle long-distance over rural highways, which is a little ridiculous but exactly how you WOULD pray to America

Anyway my take is that sign was to remind me that frontier hellraisers settling down to be the cornerstone of the further frontier is absolutely an American tradition, and maybe that’s my calling uh, calling

I hope; I hope the proper interpretation isn’t that I’m specifically destined for the interior scrubland desert; the Oregon forest was really a comfort matching my Pennsylvania upbringing after LA. I suppose there’s that Germanic forest in the Mississippi Midwest and east Texas too though.

does America still have a frontier?


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