someone: so what do you think is the solution to homelessness?

me, socialist:

Let homeless people occupy peopleless homes, build houses for use rather than exchange, 3D print comfortable houses in a day, convert corporate skyscrapers into housing and commercial malls into publicly-accessible community centers with living commons and entertainment

When you say it to people and they break

“But the money? … we can’t just? But, Money? We can’t just… help… people? Can we? The Money. We can’t just help people? Like that? We can’t just? Money?”

“publicly-accessible community centers with living commons and entertainment"

finally, i can go to the mall and be bored to death by drum circles and sewing seminars

“convert corporate skyscrapers into housing”

When you waste resources to convert spaces into uses they wren’t designed for out of pure spite.

homeless people generally don’t want to occupy peopleless homes, as homes are peopleless because they are in areas people do not want to live in.

Property owners don’t want to let the homeless squat in their unused urban property because it will be damaged and they will not be compensated, and on top of that we have liability and adverse possession laws making it a very bad idea to let homeless people squat in your property.

Statists: “We, not property owners, should get to decide how much housing is allowed! And it’s NOTHING! You will build NOTHING and like it!”

Also statists: “Why aren’t there enough homes for everybody? Mean people must be hoarding! Take their homes!”

Listen and learn: The Soviet Union built a ton of housing. They fucked up on so many fucking points, but at least they understood that if there are less homes than people then there will be homeless people and funded homes! We don’t even have to fund homes, we just have to make it not illegal to build more of them.

But that won’t let you look like the Revolutionary Vanguard, bravely taking homes from (reads notes) “Capitalist swine who decided not to break the law” so you’re going to keep advocating destruction instead of creation.

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