This is so vile and sinister.

My people stay safe, a Nike marketing gimmick is not worth your life

Why does this not have more notes? Reblog!

Is this for real?!

Unfortnately Snopes confirms it.

This is embarrasing. I reblogged this without checking the link. It takes you to snopes saying it’s fake.

It says the coupons are fake (as in, not a real discount), not the 4chan campaign. It’s clumsily phrased, though. 

This stuff has 4chan written all over it. It’s kind of ingenious.

Normally they overdo the lefty messaging to trigger righties and to troll lefties who think this is real, or lefties who disagree but want to help their tribe anyway.

Normies then signal-boost this and everybody is confused.

But this works by giving normies the impression that this isn’t a real lefty/SJW/anti-racist campaign, but a cynical attempt of neo-liberal marketers to co-opt the movement. Sure, it’s clumsy, and it’s probably a false flag, but if you’re sceptical, you will probably blame Nike for the clumsy messaging and just move on.

The QR code is just the chaotic icing on the cake.

If it gets someone killed, does it really count as trolling anymore? If some black dude got shot over it, I’d be tempted to have one of the 4channers arrested.

“one of”?

If I had that power, they’d all get booked for conspiracy to commit murder 2/depraved heart/aggravated manslaughter, whatever it’s called in their jurisdiction.

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