to be fair the laws were probably 95% written by lobbyists so I’m sure the politicians are surprised as anyone at what they actually contain

Pretty sure I wrote to four of my MPs exactly how this law would hurt me, personally.

Definitely sure some of them voted for it anyway the bastards.

Remember: Government is just another word for the rent-seeking giant multinationals can accomplish by taxing us to fund the police force that keeps them safe together.

You are being a gloomy annarchist, @shieldfoss

Government is what keeps your society intact. become a politician, create/join a party, and fix that shit. Don’t whine about the world being unfair online. If you want to change the incentives, change the incentives.

Never in my life am I going to force people to do what I want.

The thing is though, that we are both part of a system that forces people to do what it wants. Regardless of what we think of forcing people to do what we want, that’s just a fact. And unless you know of a way to make sure people don’t get raped or murdered that doesn’t involve some form of forcing a certain set of rules onto everybody, I’m going to stick with the one I’m part of right now: a democracy. At least this way, I get to have a say in what the system as a whole enforces on me and you everyone else alike. If your government is corrupt, the only way to solve that is by working to solve the issue.

I’ve heard of a different way >:^)

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