to be fair the laws were probably 95% written by lobbyists so I’m sure the politicians are surprised as anyone at what they actually contain

Pretty sure I wrote to four of my MPs exactly how this law would hurt me, personally.

Definitely sure some of them voted for it anyway the bastards.

Remember: Government is just another word for the rent-seeking giant multinationals can accomplish by taxing us to fund the police force that keeps them safe together.

You are being a gloomy annarchist, @shieldfoss

Government is what keeps your society intact. become a politician, create/join a party, and fix that shit. Don’t whine about the world being unfair online. If you want to change the incentives, change the incentives.

Never in my life am I going to force people to do what I want.

u started down the road of forcing people to do things when you wrote to your MP. that’s how it always begins! ‘if you don’t like this law, write to your assembly representative uwu’!

the story is as tragic as it is inevitable – petitioning ur representative doesn’t work so u have to stand for election. standing for election doesn’t work so you have to try harder and get more money. then you’re elected and it doesn’t work. you have to form a coalition of like-minded politicians. your coalition can’t get anything done so you have to form a government. your government can’t get anything done, so you have to commit a war.

many such cases, all starting with a letter of complaint!

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