CAPITALISM will exist, but retirement likely won’t.

Another 50 years of capitalism and we will be all dead on a unlivable planet soooo

135 months until climate change will become an irreversible flaming snowball. We don’t have a lot more time to sit around talking about this

better dead than red.

“I would rather have the entire earth wiped out by ecological collapse than live under socialism.” –smart, independent thinkers

“Capitalism is worse for the environment than socialism.” -people who have literally never read anything about socialism.

I mean, gengis khan was objectively speaking better for the environment than capitalism…

Oh Capitalism is no kind of good for the environment in general.

I’m just real annoyed with people who think it’s the Worst Disaster Possible like the USSR never existed.

It’s important to point out that the USSR wasn’t Communism, it was state Capitalism. The state, rather than individual Capitalists or the combined Proletariat, owned the means of production.

I’m sure you have a long treatise somewhere explaining how “State” and “Combined Proletariat” are two different things, but it turns out that every time the proletariat combines we get a state, so I’m not actually going to read that treatise.

Nah, just a 3 step flowchart

It’s logically impossible for the workers to control the means of production.

I’m a worker and I don’t want to. Therefore I will sell them off if you give them to me, and if you can force me to keep them, you, not I the worker, controls the means of production.

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