The only reason that anyone would consider Orban’s statements to be anti-semitic is if they themselves believe anti-semitic stereotypes.

why yes, you could copy some images from German propaganda and attach a caption referring vaguely to “international financiers and cosmopolitans who wish to undermine our country” but because you didn’t explicitly say Jews it would be totally unreasonable for anyone to assume that’s what you were referring to, you could have meant Japanese financiers or Brazilian cosmopolitans, why would anyone think that a country with a long history of antisemitism that happened to have killed the majority of their Jewish population within living memory could possibly have politicians that take advantage of anti-Jewish messages for political purposes, that’s ridiculous.

you absolute fuckstick.

On the one hand, yes.

On the other hand, sometimes the people at fault are finance capitalists, and complaining about them is not a dog whistle about jews it’s a regular old megaphone about capitalists.

Like, I don’t know who owns [insert bank that lobbied for MIFIR2] but I know I want them strung from lampposts – and I’m one of the people who made money off MIFIR2.

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