For a large surface, I find concrete more appealing than glass or cladding, because it has texture. And, I mean, nobody ever complains about buildings made from stone. Stone is universally beloved! Concrete isn’t that different from stone or other earthen walls.

Oh so THAT’S why you don’t understand.

Stone and concrete are super different. That’s why people can love the one and dislike the other.

And the more you use concrete in a way that “pretends” to be stone (e.g. detailed surfaces like the Empire State Building) the more people accept it, and the more you use stone in a way that “pretends” to be concrete (e.g. large flat and featureless surfaces) the more people dislike it – but it never becomes as oppressively featureless as concrete because of the play of the different colors of stone and the lines of mortar in between.

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