I am thinking about this because I still have this question on my mind. Should you lie to newbs in order to increase participation?

All of these are possible answers in REDACTED game engine:

  • Yes, you need to know C about and memory management and linear algebra in order to commit code to this game engine.
  • No, you can use the game engine without knowing a lot of math, but you definitely need to know high school math, except the computer will do the calculation for you
  • Well, you can make a visual novel
  • It really depends. You can just make a visual novel. If you don’t even understand 8th grade physics, you’re gonna have a bad time configuring the physics engine. If you don’t understand geometry, you will have trouble with all kinds of vectors and movement. If you don’t understand probability, you’ll have trouble with random drops and critical hits.
  • The math you need depends on the project you want to make, and you can learn it later.
  • Maybe if you are bad at math you should brush up on your basic coding skills before making a game in REDACTED engine.

I personally like “The math you need depends on the project you want to make, and you can learn it later,” but I recognize that “you can learn it later” might be a lie depending on who asks, and it might turn out to be the rock that scuttles a lot of projects.

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