the rationality community needs more feminism.

Brent seeded the rat community with the idea that he was an oppressed victim as a low status man while torturing women.  


He didn’t spend a lot of time talking about the way women suffer.  Not women who don’t match Hollywood standards, not those who aged out of them, not those who never wanted to. 

Not even those who match all the norms, check check check – only to find themselves the victim of horrifying targeted abuse.  

He talked about the way that power matters in the world.  That if you have enough power and status and confidence women want you regardless of what you do to them.  That because of some ethereal, soul-like factor you can be destined to be despised regardless of what you do.  

That doing good by others you will see only bad in return unless you are one of the socially lucky.  That your feelings of worthlessness and inferiority stem from a lack of generic willing hot sexy women half your age prostrating themselves before your sadist instincts for you to display your social mastery for all to see – that you aren’t getting what you deserve from the world.  (Toxic masculinity, objectification.)  

Never that the first step is to heal and love yourself in the here and now and stop violently grasping at other humans like they owe you.

These ideas aren’t just toxic, they’re also bullshit.  Many people tried to help him be successful – with his own damn personal issues, at great cost to themselves.  To cover for his sins, in the hope they could help him, in the spirit of care and slow to anger and trying to help everyone and looking for any possibility other than the one in front of them.  

Meanwhile, Brent was hurting women.  Badly.

“feminism” is a word always changing.  Its most successful tenets are integrated into people’s models of How Things Are and become invisible.  You go from the concept of wives having the right to say no is repugnant to well who doesn’t accept that it’s boring and there’s never a time in between where anyone acknowledges that this Feminism concept has some value.  

But it has ideas:  That women are often seen in terms of their body, as an instantiation of the class hot woman or ugly woman, rather that as a person. That men suffer because of the need to present themselves by an inhuman standard enforced not only by other men but women, including their mothers.  That women who are being hurt – physically abused – are not heard.   

None of these ideas are in conflict with the pain low status men, or high status men for that matter, feel!  The fact that a lot of women just straight up leave and others are Skeeved Out might have something to do with the fact that bad actors hurt women in horrible ways and nothing was done about it and they did not feel safe.    

A lot of the biggest, most famous writers in ratland do not seem to understand feminism at all.  They pull out the most extreme content they can find, or Slate-style dreck, but they don’t do a real open-minded read through of bell hooks like socialist Steven Brust did of Wealth of Nations.  And this is terrible!  Because getting past awful, horrible attitudes isn’t about political correctness, it’s about cleaning the diseases out of your own damn mind which prevent you from becoming the amazing person you can be and getting what you want out of life.  There is no body in this world gorgeous enough to make you satisfied with this existence and your place in it.    

“People didn’t interfere in this young womans life, therefore we need more feminism” is a weird fucking response my guy. There is no amount of Respect Women Juice you can drink that solves this problem because to solve it, you need to explicitly not respect her choice to get involved in this situation.

the rationality community needs more feminism.

What a low-content non-statement! Which one, of all the men who knew the woman, could have solved the problem by respecting women and their humanity to a higher degree? Is it none of them? Because I think it might be none of them.

Literally one person I follow on Tumblr thinks this could have been averted, and that’s the girl saying “this never would have happened if everyone involved had been more trad!”

This could have been averted. It could have been averted if our response to “OMG I need to leave Idaho for unemployment in the bay” was why?

It could have been averted if the response to finding someone had run away was to ask “would you be happy if you never saw him again” and if the result of that was spiriting the victim away. I don’t know how big a difference that would have made.

It could have been averted if Brent wasn’t allowed to manipulate so many people. There were a lot of red flags, and everyone red flagged on him. I remember when I expressed concern a bunch of people told me I was overreacting. If more people had listened to their concerns about Brent, and people had updated, there would have been a better result.

But it wasn’t, and now we need to make sure that Brent doesn’t harm people in the community again.

What a low-content non-statement! Which one, of all the men who knew the woman, could have solved the problem by respecting women and their humanity to a higher degree? Is it none of them? Because I think it might be none of them.

well, for starters, one man who knew the victims and could have solved the problem by respecting women to a higher degree is Brent

A fair point, but methinks OP wasn’t referring to Brent when they said the community needed more feminism. They were referring to me, and the rest of us.

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