seriously, fuck the false dichotomy between Science and The Arts. as if capital-S Science isn’t an art that requires creativity, perseverance, patience, and skilled observation. as if The Arts don’t require rigor, discipline, practice, and attention to detail. as if both aren’t cultural structures that stand on foundations of sexist, racist, capitalist hierarchy. as if they both can’t be used for purposes of enrichment and revolution. i am so fucking over this idea of presenting science and art as opposites, when they have so much more in common than people think.

UM!!!!!!! UM!!!! this is a beautiful post!!!! and I feel it with every part of my soul!

Sounds like you’re just grumpy you got a worthless degree


>saying capitalist like it’s a bad thing

No wonder you’re spewing nonsense

Actually there was no art and science before the solid foundation of capitalism was built, and if we overturn capitalism, both will disappear again. People will be dying in rock caves from lack of medicine and the rocks caves will have no cave paintings.

I’m sorry I don’t make the rules, that’s just how it is.

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