You know what I don’t get?  When fanfic authors apologize for long chapters.  It’s like?  You gave me bonus content, for free, and you’re sorry about it?  Bruh.  I have already named my firstborn after you.  Dude.

You know what else I don’t get?  When they apologize for short updates.  It’s like: look at these new words I gave you!  Sorry I didn’t give you even more free words.  Bro, that’s at least two words that I did not have yesterday.  For free.  Dude.  Thank you.

And another thing: when people drop out of nowhere with a surprise update and then apologize for it taking a while.  Like, dude, I wasn’t expecting anything, and you gave me words.  I thought this fic was abandoned, but wait: there’s more.  You just popped in and reminded me that this is a Good Fic that I should probably reread.  You made my goshdarn day.

Basically fanfic writers are under no obligation to publish anything so when they do update it’s always a net positive because the story is longer now, and I have something to read, so thank you so much to everyone who writes fic at whatever pace or quantity they want.

Also, just from a purely craftsmanship pride-in-your-own-work point of view: In a year, which of these two would you rather your audience sees?

Because as a reader, I promise you – the one on the right is far superior to read. That’s the one you want to leave behind for your audience unless you feel a three-part apology about why finals has been killing your spring is an important part of the narrative. If you want that in there – go ahead. But if you’re just reflexively apologizing, please. Don’t. Your work will stand on its own.

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