Can you imagine if Nazi Germany had happened just a few decades later we’d have dozens of shows like this showing the softer, more comedic side of being in the Gestapo

There’d be friendly cartoon dogs in otherwise normal children’s media with lightning bolt runes on their lapels giving kids helpful safety tips about looking both ways when crossing the street and how to tell your teacher if you suspect your neighbor is sheltering Jews

And the Nazi version of Cops would have been absolutely stomach-churning to watch for non-Nazis but it’d probably have been massively popular

That’s all I can think about when I see stuff like this, I think future historians are going to judge the US’s law enforcement and prison system almost as harshly, at best we’re going to look at cop propaganda like we look at stuff like blackface minstrels, ‘Birth of a Nation,’ or buck-toothed caricatures of Japanese people in WW2 propaganda

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