This post apparently got me blocked by @evolution-is-just-a-theorem.

Some people just love their bloat, I guess.

I’d like to point out that, contra EIJAT’s implications, the IDEs I’ve been using recently by Jetbrains are in fact very responsive despite being modern commercial IDEs with way more features than I’ve bothered to learn. If there are IDE’s out there that aren’t responsive, then you don’t have to pine for the days of yore to find something to compare them to that makes them look like poorly-written bloatware.

In any case, don’t defend people’s poorly written software for them unless you’re being paid to, unless your defense is that they’re not being paid for it either.

One example of poor optimization is in Visual Studio.

Not that VS is bad – indeed, I love VS.

But they’re doing something wrong with their thread/event priotirization: The main character input and display should never, at any point, hang, unless you buy something amazing with that performance trade-off and they don’t.

There is a real tradeoff where you can either make sure Intellisense is always 100% up to date (in which case you hang the character input while intellisense works) or character input is always 100% responsive (in which case intellisense might lag behind).

But VS has somehow managed to land somewhere in the middle where character input can be unresponsive while waiting for intellisense while intellisense still isn’t 100% up to date. That’s not ok. They tried going for best-of-both-worlds but they got worst-of-both-worlds, you have to completely dedicate yourself to either the one or the other and they landed in the middle.

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