the actual treatment of feminism in HPMOR is even more confused than I make it out to be, but generally falls into the “women used to get a raw deal but now it’s absolutely fine and we must never talk about it again” vein of thought.

> women used to get an extremely raw deal, now their deal is the same kind of raw as all the other raw deals around and caring More About This than about other important things is a fashion choice, not a moral necessity.

Yeah sounds about right.

this line of argument seems weak considering it often comes from people who feel that geeks are an oppressed class, despite an absence of punitive laws targeting geeks, whereas such laws targeting women still exist in many jurisdictions and there is widespread advocacy to reinstate them in others.

also as I keep pointing out, why did the raw deal that women received for a hundred thousand years or so suddenly end, so quickly and so dramatically, basically within our very own lifetimes?

it seems worthy of comment, if nothing else.

“This thing that we know how happened and which happened during an era where almost everything was written down sure is a mystery we’ll have to ponder” is possibly the least mysterious thing in the world.

Problems stop being problems when people solve them. Infectious disease, a scourge for millennia, also ended suddenly but nobody insists we examine why, as if “somebody solved it” was somehow an inadequate solution.

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