Toadette, in PEACHETTE form, is
flipping thru news reports on a TV about the explosion of fanart after
the surprise news of Mario and Bowsette’s relationship.

PEACHETTE: Huh? Huh? Oh come on, you gotta admit this is hot!

Widen shot to show PEACH, locked inside of a cage.

Just like a classic romance, the villain is defeated dramatically, and the
Princess is saved. But then she turns them both down, and as they console
each other, the villain realizes that they didn’t want a Princess, they
wanted to BE a Princess! The Super Crown saves the day, and they start
dating each other! Bowsette will be a more popular Princess than you
ever were!

PEACH: You mean you betrayed the Mushroom Kingdom to help Bowser pretend to be a Princess!?

Oh, she’s real. Real enough to steal Mario from YOU! And I helped her
do it without your royal gifts, your oh so special powers. I’ll give
them a Princess. Bowsette will be the most spectacular Princess anyone
has ever seen!

Pan over workshop wall and tables covered with sketches of princess-ified toads, goombas, boos, etc…

And when the Bowsette bandwagon is dead, I’ll mass produce my
invention, so that everyone can have a Super Crown! EVERYONE can be a
Princess! And when everyone’s a Princess, mwuahahaha…

Peachette turns away from PEACH and begins walking out of the room. Cut to show PEACHETTE from the front.

PEACHETTE: …no one will be. MWUAHAHAHA!



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