1. Drinking diet soda every day

2. I bet diet soda is bad for me, I’ll switch to water

3. Sparkling water is just as healthy and less boring, I’ll switch to sparkling water.

4. This zero calorie all-natural lemon flavoring makes the sparkling water taste better, I’ll switch to flavored sparkling water.

5. Wait, zero calorie lemon flavored sparkling water is basically just Diet 7-UP, except I like real Diet-7UP better. I’ll switch to Diet 7-UP.

6. Drinking diet soda every day.

7. Repeat cycle again and again for the past three years of my life, genuinely uncertain at which step I’m making a mistake.

The mistake is the point at which you add sweetened zero-calorie flavoring, as opposed to unsweetened. 🙂 or at least that is the inflection point between seltzer and soda.

It sounds like you’ve heard evidence that all artificial sweeteners (and “natural” sweeteners like stevia) are bad for you, whereas I’ve mostly heard the opposite. Do you have links?

Well if you don’t think so, why do you think diet soda is bad for you? Maybe your mistake is in step 1.

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