The problem with a no-politics rule is that occasionally political issues are actually relevant to your community.

Even if your group is only for posting minion memes, occasionally some wonkish issue like copyright directive article 13 will directly concern your group, and on other occasions big political issues will impact your daily life so you mention it when you fraternise in the off-topic channel/subforum.

Things like “don’t forget to vote on Saturday!“ or “Why can’t I switch to a fiber Internet provider?” or “I can’t afford a butt transplant.“ or “Why is butter so damn expensive lately?“ (EU dairy subsidies are my favourite pet topic because non of you know which position on them is left-wing or right-wing, but they are a complicated topic with powerful interest groups and terrible incentives that negatively impacts most EU consumers) are all borderline political.

Or maybe you’re making minion memes about politics, or you’re gay and you casually mention that fact right before a referendum on gay marriage and that is kinda-sorta political also. The next guy happens to have 20 cows, but can’t compete against a big factory farm. And suddenly the whole thread is about politics. Mods lock the thread.

The next time a newb posts to the “introduce yourself” thread, he starts by saying that his father was a coal miner and he lives with his husband. USER WAS WARNED FOR THIS POST

Then, somebody else posts that he hasn’t posted in months because his daughter was born last week and he wants to share this exciting piece of information with the regulars. Richard Stallman, a VHEMT supporter, pops in and replies that babies are stupid and people shouldn’t post about them here. As a child-free person, Stallman is offended and it’s your fault. You made this political. Help, I’m being oppressed.

Somebody posts a picture of a Christmas cake on a baking forum. A fundamentalist Christian complains that this is an empty commercialised simulacrum that has nothing to do with Jesus or Christmas. An agnostic SJW complains that this cake is insensitive towards Jews and Muslims. Mods ban the baker for her own good.

What is politics?

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