It’s kind of amazing that a company can create enormous amounts of value by avoiding regulations – and they, not the regulators, are seen as the villain.

Create a ton of value for who?

Alright, @argumate, I’ve found who we’re going to bill for the PFOA in the water supply.

ppft, real innovators don’t evade regulations, they capture the regulatory body and dictate the regulations.

…yes that is in fact my thesis statement.

I’m making all my money working on software whose only real purpose is to comply with regulation, such that big banks don’t have to worry about small competitors who’ll be priced out of the market since they can’t afford to overcome the regulatory burden.

That’s all I do in my day job.

I wasn’t nearly this much of a free-market advocate before I got a job in finance and realized how much of the regulation served only one single purpose: Create irrelevant reporting requirements that are easy to deal with if you’re a huge company and impossible to comply with if you’re a small upstart on a shoestring budget.

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