RE: “If Global Warming is Real, Why Are People Still Living On The Coast?“

An acquaintance has a house in the highlands of north-eastern Thailand and they’re seeing land prices grow substantially as people from the low-lying coastal floodplains near Bangkok seek up into the higher interior.

@sadoeconomist hey check this thing I just found out while surfing for a new home – the largest private real estate exchange in Denmark has added a function that’ll show you whether the neighborhood you’re buying in will be covered by water if oceans rise by X distance – here’s Copenhagen with a six foot increase in ocean levels.

I mean, I’m no climatologist but the thesis statement that climate change probably isn’t real because the market isn’t pricing it in is starting to be kind of undermined.

Hey English, I have a question:

real estate exchange

Is this a real place for exchanging estates?

Or is it a place for exchanging real estate?

A real language would solve this by having the phrase be “realestate exchange” or “real-estate exchange,” but I’m not sure how the fake language “English” handles this issue? Are you just supposed to know? That sounds ableist aganst people with dyslexia and racist against foreigners tbh, extremely problematic.

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