Libertarians ought to be aware that the Mises foundation was funded originally with Rockefeller research grants, and that modern libertarian thought was influenced by the William Volker Fund. Classical liberalism at its heart (along with other once-radical ideologies) were endorsed and propagated by many secret societies- Freemasonry, ‘Illuminati’, etc. This is very clearly evident if you look into the history. Communism and National Socialism, as most libertarians are aware, share similar origins (and I am sure that they won’t let any of those people forget about it).

If you are really interested in the truth you have to keep this in mind. Try to be less caught up in dialectical debate and keep yourself grounded in reality. Don’t treat ideology like choosing a class in an RPG or some shit

“How many layers of Marxism are you on?”

“Like five or six my guy”

“That’s nothing, watch this:”

“An economic theory is tested not by whether it produces accurate predictions, but by the purity of its inventor.”

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