A real language would fix it by not using a retarded term like “real estate”.

That’s fair.

The Romanian word for “real estate” literally means “unmoveables”.

In Japanese and Chinese:

不動産 – literally means “immobile thing”

動物 – literally means “mobile thing”

You would expect these to be opposites, but “immobile thing” is “real estate” (presumably in contrast to other property, which you can pick up and move around), and “mobile thing” is “animal” (presumably in contrast to plants, which can’t move).

In Spanish, ‘inmueble’ means ‘real estate’ and is derived from ‘immobile’, and the ostensible opposite, ‘mueble’, means ‘furniture’

In German it’s also simply “Immobilie” (singular). Real estate law is Immobiliarsachenrecht, which is literally immovable things law and one of my favorite words.

Most other languages: “unmovable, as opposed to things you can move around”

English: “real estate, as opposed to… fake estate? are all other assets imaginary, somehow? why is my vocabulary trying to induce existential crises?”

now i want some surreal estate

I am amused that we both linked that unsolicited

Tumblr’s damn threading, I didn’t see you did it.

But yes, that came to mind the very instant I saw “surreal estate” and it must be at least a decade since I read that. Fun how some things just stick in the mind.

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