discoursedrome replied to your post “The AAA games industry is a horrible place to work in which is why we…”

someone fix the indie discoverability problem and then we’ll just destroy all the aaa publishers and call it good

Indies still have crunch and terrible job security. But they have creative control and build their own worlds/design their own systems/tell their own stories. That makes it more worth it.

Consider the market for high-precision 3D printings – lots of people want it and few people serve that market, you almost want competitors, just so more people realize this is a thing they can buy and come give you money.

Consider the market for rice – you don’t want competition because if somebody suddenly starts growing several square kilometers of extra rice, the price of your rice now has to compete with some more rice, but you care more about the weather than the competition really – a good year for rice is a bad year for rice prices as even more rice tries to compete for the same amount of global food budget.

Consider the market for AAA shooters. If you make the fifth-best shooter in the world, you’re going bankrupt. You want all your competition to die in a fire. You desperately seek for new business models that’ll let you stay solvent.

Software (and all digital industries, including music and the arts) has a serious winner-takes-all problem (for the industry, not the consumer) because one company making one product can sell a copy of that product to every consumer.

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