I think I’ll delete the effortpost draft on Nazi ideology and pseudo-scientific racism and just post the central idea:

Nazi ideology twisted Darwinian biological evolution and linguistic/anthropological/archaeological theories of cultural transmission to support pre-Darwin notions of “race“. “Aryan“ doesn’t make sense as a biological category, only as a historical/linguistic one.

Whiteness is not real but socially constructed, and was constructed well before DNA, evolution, or mendelian inheritance were even a thing.

People often give Hitler too much credit.

One of the more annoying pillars of the anti-evolution brigade (markedly silent in recent years) is there insistence “survival of the fittest” is an evil idea because Hitler tried to breed a new Ayran ubermensch and

he was just

not that smart.

He was trying to bring back an old Aryan ubermensh, which even the most shallow understanding of evolution will tell you is just not possible. That’s not how genetics works. Why did you think Hitler had goals that made sense?

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