Fermentation has begun.

40W E27 bulbs

Please treat yourself to something better, I’m begging you.

1. I did not buy these bulbs.

2. But even if I did, I have no lightbulb opinions. No one told me I needed lightbulb opinions. Please explain your lightbulb opinions.

3. In Tumblr’s preview of this reblog, it wasn’t clear that you were insulting the lightbulbs and not my closet mead. My kneejerk emotional reaction tells me that I am apparently quite defensive of my closet mead.  

  1. For “dim light during the night so I don’t wake the others” 40W is too bright. For all other uses, it’s not bright enough unless you have an astounding number of light fixtures.
  2. I hope your mead is fine 😀

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