imagine if all the people working on video game development were working on something useful.

Give me one reason game development isn’t useful and for every reason you give me I’ll give you two reasons it is useful.

many games are never even played due to massive oversupply, so if half the developers shifted to other fields the player base would likely not even notice and the remaining developers would be more likely to be paid above starvation wages.

since well-designed games can have a long shelf life (StarCraft still played after twenty years, Super Mario Bros and Tetris still played after 30 years) the relentless churn of sequels to modern franchises is more about boosting corporate profits than an endeavour genuinely necessary for human flourishing.

I’m pretty sure all the people who are butthurt about this post just don’t understand how terrible video game development is as a career. Like guys, I like playing video games too but argumate is still right. most people who are currently making them should stop. for everyone’s good especially their own.

But how is this supposed to work in practice? Make RPGMaker require a million dollar license? Only allow industry insiders the privilege of posting on

What about other creative pursuits? Would you make Archive Of Our Own curate what stories can be posted on it? Shut down DeviantArt because you’re that offended that amateur drawings are getting on the internet?

use the power of social media to spread memes about how making games is a hobby, just like playing games, something you do in your spare time for fun when you’re not doing something useful.

It still sounds like the focus should be on people being overconfident and betting their financial stability on a creative pursuit with little chance of success, rather than “there are too many games.”

Right, “I want to be a game designer!” should be treated like “I want to be a professional athlete!” or “I want to be a professional streamer!” – understandable but there are just not work for that many of those people so unless you’re willing to bet everything on a long shot, maybe do something else. You can still design games/play sports/stream minecraft as a hobby. I’m not gonna stop you but I’m sure not gonna encourage you, either.

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