seriously I’m so fucking grumpy about that Aero bullshit.

do you ever get so pissed at someone being an utter shit that you’ve gotta start collecting a massive pile of research to empirically prove that they’re a hypocritical asshole? I do. But I try to refrain from doing it more than once a month or getting dragged into additional discourse about it.

That’s not quite as bad as taking SIXTEEN FUCKING PAGES to explain that The Canterbury tales presents a conflict between individual humans and religious orders they were subject to but it’s not a healthy impulse either way.

Fuck, this has come to vagueing about Chaucer.

The Cook’s Tale is the fucking best, if you wanna have a good old laugh go read the first Fragment of The Canterbury Tales, ending that on The Cook’s Tale is high fucking comedy.

[if you don’t have the time or inclination the deal is that you go through the general prologue and the knight’s tale and the miller’s tale and the reeve’s tale and they’re clever and funny and beautifully written and lovely; then you get to the cook’s tale and he’s drunk telling it and basically it’s “Once I knew this girl and she fucked for money and it was great” and it’s just this great collapse from the carefully crafted dick jokes and ribald stories and honorable knights just crashing head-on into a blunt, 80-line story from a drunk dude; “the shitfaced guy at the end of the bar who isn’t as funny as he thinks he is” has existed for at least 700 years and I think that’s beautiful. Also Chaucer is fucking hilarious, fight me.]

Ugh. I was supposed to draw more spock but instead I had to go be angry about someone who was wrong on the internet. I should get that XKCD panel tattooed on my wrist so that I just back away from the keyboard every time I get the impulse to make a bibliography to explain why someone is wrong and bad and should feel bad.


You can literally just point to The Summoner’s Tale and The Pardoner’s Tale. You can point to the general prologue!

Spending sixteen pages arguing about the most basic, simple, first-week Chaucer 101 shit is fucking ridiculous coming from someone who claims the humanities are wishy-washy bullshit that will accept any old thing.

Maybe it’s not academia as a whole, maybe these people are just shitty, shitty academics.

Also, funfact about me: My laptop spends 90% of its time sitting on top of my copy of The Riverside Chaucer and I’m not kidding I will meet you in the fucking pit about how fucking kick-ass Chaucer is.

Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck I intentionally hadn’t clicked on Pluckrose’s evopsych interpretation of Othello because I knew that wouldn’t end well and holy shit she uses evopsych to argue that racial categorization was not a feature of the ancestral environment. Her argument as a whole is that Othello has almost nothing to do with race and is instead about resource competition for attractive mates; which on the one hand all interpretations of literature are in some way valid UwU and yeah, everyone wants to fuck Desdemona but on the other hand that’s overlooking a hell of a lot of references to purity and whiteness that are totally intentionally contrasted with blackness and vulgarity.

Ohmygodohmygod, Iago is apparently an antisocial strategist and women are attracted to his dark triad traits.

Just waiting to find out that Rodrigo is an incel.

She’s got like nineteen sources and fourteen of them are Evopsych and eight of them are from the same evopsych/literary criticism book and three are from historical/literary historical sources to back up her claims about racism not important and the last source is the play.

How? Did that get past a professor?

Also you’re claiming that Gender Studies isn’t empirical enough when you are making arguments in favor of EVOPSYCH? You’re arguing that 50k years isn’t enough time to develop racial categorizations but you think 10K years is enough time to develop lactose tolerance?

What the actual fuck.

Are you


reading the same things I am?

How? Did that get past a professor?

Also you’re claiming that Gender Studies isn’t empirical enough when you are making arguments in favor of EVOPSYCH?

It got past a professor because gender Studies isn’t empirical enough, and you can tell it isn’t empirical enough because it allows arguments from evopsych?

Or are you reading one of the papers that wasn’t part of the Sokal v2 project?

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