You know, it’s almost like that was the fucking problem in the first place you stupid bastards

Well, that and availability. If people can’t get the content they want legally, they will try to acquire it through alternate sources.

gargantuan mood

I have no idea what the statute of limitation is on piracy in my local area so let’s just say that I have never in my life acquired an illegal copy of anything, but if, hypothetically, I was that kind of person, I would probably have stopped once I started making enough money to just buy what I want, and then never started again.

“That’s great!” says the owner of Netflix, “that means you’re buying our service”

…no. No that means I can buy your service, but have decided to just make do without. I don’t have a netflix account. One of the primary reasons is that if I go to netflix dot com, it won’t tell me what they’re selling. You can’t get the listing unless you already have an account.

“…but that’s not a problem right? Accounts are free, right?” says the netflix board of directors

Accounts are not free. They cost money per month if you forget to unsubscribe, so instead I just. Don’t get one. Hey you know who doesn’t charge money before telling you what’s available? Well like I said, even if I hypothetically had pirated before, I definitely don’t do so now. But I seem to have heard that torrent sites don’t make me give up a credit card number before showing me the goods.

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