Have you ever wanted to fetishize someone but didn’t want to be racist? Then try Redheads™! Redheads™: The most ~exotic~ type of white person.

nuclear take: redheads are a race

the whitest of all white people

it’s a bunch of genes that result in a specific rather easily identifiable phenotype – not just traits of appearance but various recurring illneses, and people possessing it are often stereotyped, from benevolently to fetishistically to strictly negatively, and there is a history of systematic persecution and hate crimes committed against them. Gingers are a race

Hi, yes, also, red hair used to be code for Irish, a people which Britain did a whole lot of horrific imperialism to on the basis that they were ass-backwards Catholics, and when they came to America, the Americans did a whole lot of horrific racism to as well on the basis that ‘Irish weren’t white.’

Redheads are a race.

Also, there was a strong overlap with anti-Semitism, in Spain, England and Russia at the very least, not to mention just bigotry for its own sake (association with moral degeneracy, witch-hunts, “gingers have no souls”). Redheadness as a sexual trait is a remainder of this.

Red hot take

Hot red take 👀

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