me: ::wants to get into fights::

me: :walks around like he’s willing to get into fights::

me: ::learns how to fight, to prepare for fights::

me: ::walks around like someone who knows how to fight::

me: ::doesn’t get in fights::

me: wtf

also me: wait

I don’t believe Kissinger has a bodyguard, if you want to start something somewhere.

I got no beef w/Kissinger tho, I think the whole problem is I don’t got enough beefs, I was raised in a professional class bubble and even my rejections of that were received as “edgy” or “cheeky”, History Boys shit and not something to throw down on

And I’m looking back on my raising and realizing my (maybe 3 cycles back where most were 2) dad was trying to invite me to that hazing through Catholic schools, fraternities, the Army, but cuz I grew up setting my “true culture” to late 70s-mid ‘80s I identified these hierarchies as false & unfair havens from the true “Warriors, come out to play” latchkey kid anarchic crucibles

TL;DR I wasn’t beaten or raped enough as a child and it’s only gotten worse with age and it’s a debt I’ll never forgive the world for

If you need beef first, remember you’ve been taxed your entire life to pay for the wars he wanted.


Get in there man.

A single good jab would do it.

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