I can’t exactly say that sandwiches are hard to make, but their satisfaction to effort ratio is exceptionally low. At least including the hassle of keeping their various ingredients around which typically have short shelf lives.

Bad post, OP. Sandwiches are delicious.

  • Bread, which you can keep in the freezer if you don’t use bread fast enough
  • Various vegetables which you can also use in a salad or whatever
  • Condiments, and if your condiments are going bad, what are you even doing
  • Cheese, I mean come on, cheese
  • Some sort of deli meat or whatever it is you carnivores eat, if you must

What is so hard about that?

  • But then you have to thaw the bread.
  • Salad, lol. More seriously, the type of vegetables you use in a sandwich go bad really quickly, and it’s both hard to use a whole one to make a sandwich and they don’t use very much so the vast majority ends up going bad unless you eat sandwiches every single meal. At least with a vegetable soup, you can just throw everything in there at once. Also I don’t want to eat a soup or salad made of tomatoes and lettuce. Honestly, though, I never even try to buy vegetables to eat on sandwiches because it’s not worth it.
  • I agree condiments are easy.
  • Cheese goes moldy really fast.
  • Deli meat also goes bad really fast.

It’s just annoying to have to juggle the shelf lives of all the ingredients, and if you’re missing one you can’t have much of a sandwich. And they’re not even cheap ingredients; they’re quite expensive, actually. I guess a poverty bologna and mustard sandwich is relatively easy and cheap but I’d rather have ramen noodles.

All I know is that whenever I try to stock up on sandwich stuff, I eat like one or two sandwiches in the week before things start to go bad and throw the majority of it out. Then I ask myself why I made the mistake of buying this crap.

And even once you have the stuff, each sandwich requires about the same prep work as chopping up vegetables to make soup and more work than preparing a sous vide roast, though I grant less than sauteing something. But all of those make multiple servings and produce a much more appealing end product than a cold sandwich.

I can say that when I lived with my parents, we had a panini press, and that thing made darn good pastrami and cheddar sandwiches. But pastrami is very expensive (and decent cheese isn’t cheap either).

Cheese goes moldy in like a month, what kind of cheese are you buying and how are you treating it?

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