It’s weird how you can’t just tell somebody “Oh you might be being a little bit racist there” without them considering it like the least valid criticism, barely above a logical fallacy.

Even if you have an entire argument that’s well structured, if you mention that they might be racially prejudiced in their judgment, they will immediately dismiss everything that you say.


wonder why that is.

Dead simple: Racists deserve to be destroyed, I don’t deserve to be destroyed, therefore I am not a racist and also you’re an asshole for saying I deserve to be destroyed and in return, you deserve to be destroyed because you’re the real racist here!

I think this problem can be solved if a lot of people realize nobody is being destroyed here

A plan that depends on a lot of people coordinating to deliberately not pay attention to something that actually happens is not a plan that’s designed to work.

Can you name one person online who has had their physical form utterly annihilated for being called racist?

John Smith.

You haven’t heard of him, because the annihilation was so complete it went backwards and forth through time and he was never even born. Only my absolute galaxy-tier brain is even capable of remembering he existed in a world that is now gone.

John Smith established the Jamestown colony, and died peacefully. No annihilation.

I just said “you haven’t heard of him,” so clearly not that John Smith.

This conversation went a really weird direction.

It felt preferable to throwing insults

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